Hi, my name is Thomas.

I'm a freelance web & iOS application developer in Berlin, Germany.

I support clients like the leading fashion tradeshow in europe and one of the most popular chefs in germany.

In my freetime I work on computer games like Musicracer and BitMonsterFlux.



With over 10 years of experience in TYPO3, PHP and Ruby on Rails, I’ve created hundreds of websites, applications & web services


I wrote custom jQuery plugins or Node.js Apps in Javascript or Coffeescript, for web or mobile, optimized and minified for high performance


Responsive website layouts that adapt for mobile devices or mobile first solutions and web apps in modern markup languages like HTML5, HAML and SASS


I've created native applications for the iPhone and iPad in Objective-C and through PhoneGap, I'm familiar with the release process and I'm a registered iPhone developer

Unity 3D

I create applications and games for desktop, web, iPhone, iPad or Android, like the Musicracer or BitMonsterFlux


I own professional licenses for the Adobe Creative Suite, Unity3D Professional with iPhone and Android publishing, Luxology Modo 601 and Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3


This is a selection of clients I recently worked for